In 2018 the hotel Ryad has hosted three times Do not Disturb, artistic performance immersive Ornic'art/RedPlexus on the theme of Dream in rooms.
The public, masked, is invited to live a unique experience in the closed-door of a hotel.
The performers invite him to share unusual moments with strangers and to immerse himself in the world of dreams.

Woodman is the photographic witness of this dreamy journey from the street to the intimacy of the room through the garden.
Happened by the birth of a gorilla in a tub Sénac street and by the reactions of the public, he could not resist the thrill of pushing the experience further and entering the hotel.

Take the risk of being at the heart of the action, find your place, blend into the performance so as not to interfere, while developing a complicity with the artists and the public, playing with the movement.To grasp public and private moments, to be attentive, to know not to trigger and to be forgotten, to be in the same energy and the same present as the action, to grasp the unforeseen, the life that is carved live.

Woodman's photos capture the power of the present inherent in Do not Disturb as well as the dreamlike dimension of the proposals.
Performance gives you access to the infinite possibilities, so we wish you to experience many possibilities in this photographic journey.

Marseille, le 20/11/2018

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