Living in the skin of a zebra, each zebra and each human being is unique!

I was 35 when I bought my first camera a Canon AE-1 followed some years later by a Nikon F-601 then I bought a Nikon D2X digital that I will use for more than 10 years, two devices that I always have, to put my memories in pictures during my travels like many people.

All these travel photos have been sleeping in many shoeboxes for years without anyone ever looking at them.

Analog photography has taught me the basics of photography, but currently I only use two Nikon digital cameras a D850 and a D500. Since my retirement I have been a member of the Photographic Federation of France and have been actively involved in photography.

As far as I'm concerned, photography is an attitude, it's not about money or being famous, I can not describe that feeling, you have to make a photo to feel it! For me, a photograph must create its own beauty and not only be beautiful in itself.

My photos show different spaces and environments, a kaleidoscope open to all representations of the environment in which we live.

In 2018 I discovered Ornic'art and RedPlexus, seduced by the originality of organized performances, I become the photographic witness. Today I share my photos because it forces me to always make new ones, that it is a source of motivation and that it contributes to make the photo a passion.